Android EFTPOS has the potential to give brick & mortar businesses the opportunity to deliver engagement & excitement at the point of sale like never before.
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Android Powered Payments
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Enhanced Payment Experiences
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Always-on Merchant Support

Android Powered Payments:

  • Built on Verifone Secure Android OS for a better user experience.
  • Android opens up a world of new functionality to support future innovation.
  • The familiar user interface makes taking payments more engaging.
  • The device looks and feels more like a smartphone than an EFTPOS terminal.
  • The Verifone Navigator App comes built-in to make payment accessible for vision-impaired and blind customers.

Enhanced Payment Experiences

  • Email your EFTPOS receipts instead of printing them with e-Receipting.
  • Add a customised merchant reference to your transactions.
  • Lower your cost of accepting payments with surcharging for contactless transactions.
  • Calculator app allows for easy bill splitting or to perform quick calculations on the spot.
  • In-aisle and pay at table means a smoother experience for your customers.
  • Tap the card used to search for a particular transaction and then reprint/resend the receipt or start a refund.
  • Manage higher value refunds in your business with manager and cashier refund limits.
  • Future innovation will bring loyalty apps, CRM integrations, personalised payment experiences, inventory management, better reporting and more.


  • Connect via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or directly to your router with an Ethernet-enabled comms/charging base that pairs with the device via Bluetooth for grab and go simplicity.
  • Backup SIM keeps you covered if your Wi-Fi goes down.
  • Stunning, large touchscreen displays.
  • 'Keyless' virtual PIN pad with large keys for easy PIN entry. More resistant to liquid damage and easier to clean and sanitise.
  • Front and Rear cameras.
  • Lightweight with slim ergonomic designs.
  • Fast charging and long battery life.
  • Torch built-in for low-light settings.
  • Security where you need it with Verifone’s locked-down version of Android.

Always-on Merchant Support

  • Free delivery.
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ set-up gets you up and running quickly.
  • Full online user guide.
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Helpdesk.
  • Nationwide onsite support.
  • View up to 6 months’ worth of stored transactions directly from the device.
  • Unobtrusive, remote downloads for updates and upgrades.
  • PCI PTS 5.X approved, compliant until 2029.
  • We are the only EFTPOS provider with our own payment network. Enjoy the benefits of having one supplier for your payment device and network – one contract, one monthly payment, and one point of call for support.

Android EFTPOS comes to life with two new next-generation devices:

Verifone T650p
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Verifone Carbon Mobile 5

See how Anna from the Wildflower Boutique has been enhancing her customer experience with some help from Android enabled EFTPOS.

I’m ready for the future of payments”

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  • Guaranteed cheapest network fee - Pay just $13.50 per month for network connection (28% cheaper than anywhere else)
  • FREE upgrade to Android EFTPOS when it is available.
  • NZ’s only all-in-one EFTPOS provider – get your device and network from the same provider. One contract, one monthly fee and one number to call.
  • Easy Switch – we’ll make switching to us easy! We might even buy you out of your current contract­*.

"We’re already seeing huge potential with this device and our customers love it!"
Anthea Digby-Smith
Sable Fine Hair
With Verifone & Android, Eftpos New Zealand offers a single global unified platform – to provide your customers
a seamless payment experience with any payment method.
*Not all features available at launch.