Android™ EFTPOS provides everything you need in a portable payment device to ensure your business consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences.
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Open up a world of possibilities for you to deliver exceptional on-brand customer experiences.

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Android Powered Payments
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Enhanced Payment Experiences
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Always-on Merchant Support

Android Powered Payments:

  • Built on Verifone Secure Android OS for a better user experience.
  • Android opens up a world of new functionality to support future innovation.
  • The familiar user interface makes taking payments more engaging.
  • The device looks and feels more like a smartphone than an EFTPOS terminal.
  • The Verifone Navigator App comes built-in to make payment accessible for vision-impaired and blind customers.

Enhanced Payment Experiences

  • Email your EFTPOS receipts instead of printing them with e-Receipting.
  • Add a customised merchant reference to your transactions.
  • Lower your cost of accepting payments with surcharging for contactless transactions.
  • Calculator app allows for easy bill splitting or to perform quick calculations on the spot.
  • In-aisle and pay at table means a smoother experience for your customers.
  • Tap the card used to search for a particular transaction and then reprint/resend the receipt or start a refund.
  • Manage higher value refunds in your business with manager and cashier refund limits.
  • Future innovation will bring loyalty apps, CRM integrations, personalised payment experiences, inventory management, better reporting and more.


  • Connect via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or directly to your router with an Ethernet-enabled comms/charging base that pairs with the device via Bluetooth for grab and go simplicity.
  • Backup SIM keeps you covered if your Wi-Fi goes down.
  • Stunning, large touchscreen displays.
  • 'Keyless' virtual PIN pad with large keys for easy PIN entry. More resistant to liquid damage and easier to clean and sanitise.
  • Front and Rear cameras.
  • Lightweight with slim ergonomic designs.
  • Fast charging and long battery life.
  • Torch built-in for low-light settings.
  • Security where you need it with Verifone’s locked-down version of Android.

Always-on Merchant Support

  • Free delivery.
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ set-up gets you up and running quickly.
  • Full online user guide.
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Helpdesk.
  • Nationwide onsite support.
  • View up to 6 months’ worth of stored transactions directly from the device.
  • Unobtrusive, remote downloads for updates and upgrades.
  • PCI PTS 5.X approved, compliant until 2029.
  • We are the only EFTPOS provider with our own payment network. Enjoy the benefits of having one supplier for your payment device and network – one contract, one monthly payment, and one point of call for support.

Android EFTPOS comes to life with two new next-generation devices:

Verifone T650p
Image 5
Verifone Carbon Mobile 5

See how Anna from the Wildflower Boutique has been enhancing her customer experience with some help from Android enabled EFTPOS.

I’m ready for the future of payments”

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  • Guaranteed cheapest network fee - Pay just $13.50 per month for network connection (28% cheaper than anywhere else)
  • FREE upgrade to Android EFTPOS when it is available.
  • NZ’s only all-in-one EFTPOS provider – get your device and network from the same provider. One contract, one monthly fee and one number to call.
  • Easy Switch – we’ll make switching to us easy! We might even buy you out of your current contract­*.

"We’re already seeing huge potential with this device and our customers love the large, vibrant touch interface. The sleek, modern design is a perfect fit for the counter in our stylish contemporary salon, and the long-lasting battery keeps up with our high transaction volumes day in, day out.

We love the option of emailing the customer an EFTPOS receipt, as so many of our clients are more conscious of sustainability and waste these days"

Anthea Digby-Smith
Sable Fine Hair
With Verifone & Android, Eftpos New Zealand offers a single global unified platform – to provide your customers
a seamless payment experience with any payment method.
*Not all features available at launch.